Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sarah and Emily Go Shopping

November 19, 2011 (Posthumously)

Let's start with a quote:

"My mind is stuck in a rose bush; it smells nice, but sometimes it's prickly." -Emily Roberts

Lester* told Rowan who told Sarah who told Emily that he has a "crush" on her. I asked Emily, "How do you feel about that?" She wrinkled her nose and said, "It's just weird."

Hachi went to the Animal Hospital for The Surgery. He came home with an E-Collar and the girls turned it into a work of art. 

Sarah and Emily set up Santa's workshop in our sunroom, complete with a "red carpet" and Caution tape. Hachi Claus waited for visitors in his Santa suit.

Both of the girls like to try on shoes and boots they don't buy. Emily put on a pair of black boots with 4-inch heels at Cole Haan last weekend. We were at the register because I was buying a pair of shoes, and Emily told the salesclerk, "I would like some black boots with 6-inch stiletto heels. I need them for P.E." The nice man said, "You'll break your ankle." 

*Not his real name

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  1. Well, talking about having a crash on somebody. Antonio keeps asking me when he will see Sarah again....