Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holidays 2013

Sarah made this card for me.

Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey (home of The Cake Boss)

Inside Carlo's Bake Shop. Sarah ate a Chocolate Mousse Cake for breakfast.
View from our hotel

Not bad, for a selfie.

We ordered a poem. It was very well-written.

The skyline, from Jersey City.
At Chelsea Market, with Hideyuki and Yuka Kikuchi.

More fog
We visited the 9/11 Memorial.

St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church

Sarah and Emily, next to one of the reflecting pools.

One World Trade Center

Inside St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church
Rockefeller Center

Times Square

Times Square


SpongeBob Mailpants

Piece of the Berlin Wall at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! 
Our Christmas tree

Emily and Sarah

Sarah and Hachi

Hachi ate a special Christmas dinner that looked like vomit.
Dick and Betty's Christmas tree


Deb and Eli



Grace and Emily


Emily and Antonio

Sarah decorated cookies with her cousins.

Phil, Emily, Sarah, and Chelsea on New Year's Day

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